Hourly Rates, Contingency Agreements, and Costs of Litigation

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Hourly rates: 
     Wrongful Death:  $ 350 per hour
     Personal Injury:    $ 275 per hour
     Guardianship/Adoptions $ 175 per hour
     Juvenile Work:  $250 per hour

Contingency Agreements
     If agreed, I will work on your case under a sliding contingency fee. This means that I will take my earnings from any money won in the case instead of you paying an hourly fee. You are welcome to pay an hourly fee but many people could never afford a lawyer at hourly rates, so this option is available.

Costs of Litigation
     Costs of the case must be advanced by clients unless otherwise agreed upon. Costs are for out-of-pocket expenses to prosecute your case.

     These include for example:

$   Court filing fees

$   Court reporter fees

$   Jury costs

$   Deposition costs

$   Expert Witness fees

$   Private Investigator costs

$   Mileage