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Christina Macone-Greene

Special to the Village News

Friday, May 8th, 2009.

Issue 19, Volume 9.


   About Samantha:


Attorney Samantha Berryessa specializes in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.

She represents her clients with compassion and fights for their rights with unwavering persistence and commitment.

“My clients are like family members,” she said, describing the relationship as a “healing” one. “I want them to know that they are listened to and understood.”


Very selective when it comes to clients, Berryessa said she only represents people she likes. And conversely, they have to like her. She explained that because the legal process can take a few years, the relationship they build together has to be on a foundation of trust and respect.


Berryessa is no stranger to the tough cases. “I get most of my cases from other lawyers who never want to touch a case because of the risk,” she said.


Her innovative way of analyzing cases is what sets her apart. But despite her trial lawyer successes, Berryessa admits her particular field of law is a challenging one: “It’s a very hard job and it’s extremely stressful; people never come to see me unless they are really, really hurt and they are usually broke.”


When the stress starts to build, Berryessa usually finds herself on the treadmill or in the garden at home in order to relax. And both help. In law school, Berryessa wasn’t trained in trial law, so she sought further education at Trial Lawyers College by Gerry Spence and his staff.


“Gerry is very real and a people’s lawyer,” Berryessa said. “He will take on cases that he personally believes in and no one else will touch.”


This additional schooling helped Berryessa with her self-exploration process. She explained that it helped her understand exactly what her clients were going through so she can properly speak on their behalf. “They don’t teach this in law school,” she said.


Berryessa began practicing law in 1997. This is her second career. Before that, she was a fabric designer, painter and creative writer. Being a struggling artist spurred her to seek something new. After some career testing at University of California, Riverside, it was the field of law that emerged at the top of the list.


While in college, Berryessa successfully dealt with dyslexia. Her focused ambition allowed her to create “intricate systems” to help break down those dyslexic walls. “My dyslexia makes me more understanding of people who face challenges,” she said.


Having dyslexia also allows Berryessa to “think outside of the box.” Her legal strategies and investigative techniques are evidence of her innovative approach to situations.  When Berryessa takes on a case, she is bold and dedicated about helping her clients. Typically, she only takes on two to four cases a year, so she can make herself fully available to those who need her.


In a recent case, Berryessa said, a client told her that she was like the mother he never had. That compliment struck an emotional chord.


“My clients can count on me, and when I say I am going to be someplace, I will be there,” Berryessa stated. “I will protect my clients from whomever it was who hurt them.”


Samantha Berryessa has two offices, one in Temecula and a second in Fallbrook.


43434 Business Park Drive, Temecula, CA 92590 (map) 
Phone: (951) 693-0053

566 East Alvarado, Fallbrook, CA 92028 (
Phone: (760) 723-5513