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...we focus on life-altering personal injuries and wrongful death
as well as adoptions and guardianships for children.

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Philosophy of My Practice

My law practice is selective. I take only a few cases because quality work takes time and quality work results in the best chance of favorable outcomes

In order to know how people have suffered with any injury or the loss of a family member in a death case, I spend a lot of time with the injured people and trust has to be present. For me to reach the level of understanding needed to win your case, I need to be allowed to get to know you, to understand and the one you lost or your own injury in powerful ways. This means we need to be able to work in an elevated level of trust and intensity, to bring about a result we can all be glad about.

My skills and practices in sharing these difficult times with others who are in crisis or pain, are learned from the remarkable attorney, Gerry Spence, at his Trial Lawyer's College in Wyoming, and from working on cases through the years. read more>>

Life-Altering Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death (Civil Court for Monetary Damages)

If a member of your family has died as a result of another person's wrongful act, you may be able to recover money.
When others are negligent, reckless, careless, or even do bad intentional things to hurt others, sometimes they cause the death of that person. When this happens, we are able to bring a lawsuit against them for the wrongful death of your family member.

Examples of death caused by negligent or reckless acts are:

Getting hit by a vehicle while crossing the street, falling out of a tree, poisoning, falling in a store, truck and car accidents, motorcycle crashes, child molest, farm equipment accidents, malfunctioning equipment, suicide, airplane crashes or electrocution.

Intentional acts that often lead to death incude child molestation, battery, and assault. In these instances it may be possible to receive civil justice also.

For an evaluation of your wrongful death claim, contact
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I handle the following kind of wrongful death claims:

*Car accidents
*Truck accidents
*Motorcycle accidents
*Airplane accidents
*Pedestrian accidents
*Child molestation causing death
*Farm equipment and agricultural injuries causing death
*Carbon Monoxide injuries causing death
*Premises liability cases

Who can sue? Spouses, children, Domestic Partners, Putative Spouses, Parents, Step Children and other dependents may have the legal right to seek money by filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

* Medical Bills
* Loss of Consortium
* Lost future earnings
* Funeral expenses
* Ambulance bills
* Loss of Society

* Many things influence the amount of money that can be awarded in a wrongful death lawsuit. It’s impossible to determine the value of your case without a complete
evaluation. If I take your case, I am confident I can help you obtains a just result. I have recovered millions of dollars for families in North San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, and and Los Angeles county.

Call to schedule a no cost consultation.
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If agreed, I will work on your case under a contingency fee. This means I will take my earnings from any money won in the case instead of you paying an hourly fee. You are welcome to pay an hourly fee, but many people could never afford a lawyer at hourly rates, so this option is available.

Adoptions and Guardianships for Children


We represent step-parents in adoptions when a birth parent dies or when the parent does not want to be or deserve to be a parent.

Opening Adoption Records

We have opened many "closed" adoption records nationwide for people believing they were born into Indian Tribes in the U.S. and taken from their families.

Guardianship of Children

We prepare guardianships for grandparents who are raising their grandchildren who need the protection provided by guardianship.